It isn’t. PHP is not dead. It isn’t dying and it isn’t reaching “end-of-life”. That’s it. No matter how much some people want it to go away, it isn’t going away. At least, not for a long time.

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Tired of those XMLHttpRequest CORS policy errors? Me too.

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The bit about Browsersync

Browsersync is one of those tools that just sticks. It has fantastic staying power. When I started building stuff for the web, LiveReload was all the rage. I loved that I could put my browser on one screen, my editor on another and not need to manually refresh every time I needed to see a change. It would just update whenever I saved stuff.

Permissions can be complex. Here’s an easy solution.

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I’ve grown, I’ve learned some stuff, I’ve broken some other stuff. So I think it’s about time I did…

My first attempt at zero downtime deployments was exactly what I needed a few years ago. But now, I have something better.

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Warrick Bayman

Programmer, musician, cyclist (well... I own a bike), husband and father.

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